Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving came and went so fast and it's been so hectic since then I haven't  had a chance to post my Thanksgiving cupcakes until now! For turkey day I wanted to make these turkey decorated cupcakes I saw from the i-heart-baking blog. The challenge was to find candy corn after Halloween.  Luckily I found them at Winco still in the I could get just what I needed.  I made pumpkin cupcakes (adapted from Paula Deen's pumpkin bars) with cream cheese frosting. 

For the decorative base I piped the frosting with a size 16 ateco star tip. For the body I added cocoa powder to the cream cheese frosting, put a cupler in the piping bag without a tip and piped a little round circle about the size of a quarter. For the head I used yellow reese's pieces, edible marker for the eyes and, since I didn't have rainbow chip sprinkles, for the nose I piped a little orange beak with a size 3 wilton tip and orange wilton icing in the tube. The waddle is a heart sprinkle upside down. And of course for the feathers I used the candy corn. They turned out really cute and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  With Christmas just around the corner...let the Christmas baking begin!