Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Elephant Cake

front side view

top view

fondant elephant and balloon

My friend asked if I could make a baby cake for her son's first birthday...and of course I accepted! The theme was baby elephants and the colors were blue and grey. I based the design on the invitations which had a little elephant holding a balloon with a "j" for Jacob on it and a poka dot background. I thought it was so cute and it'd be perfect to try to mimick onto the cake.

First I wanted to make a cake that was baby friendly and found this vanilla cake recipe from "Momtastic's Wholesome Baby Food" website. I used two mini 3.5" springform pans to make the cakes, trimming off the tops to make the top flat. For the elephant I rolled out blue fondant and used the mini elephant cookie cutter from the Wilton Noah's Ark set I had (see the "Animal Cookies" post).  For the ear I just used the back side of the cookie cutter to cut a little ear and used a knife to cut a small thin tail. For the balloon I rolled out green fondant and used the back end of a piping tip to get a nice little circle.

I made vanilla buttercream frosting and frosted the entire cake with a thin crumb layer to set overnight before I put the final coat of buttercream on.  This keeps the cake moist and makes it so much easier to get a nice smooth finish. Using a size 1 wilton round tip I piped the string to the balloon and a "1" on the balloon. I decided to put a "1" on the balloon instead of the "j" since I'd be putting his name on the cake. Using a size 10 wilton round tip I piped dots around the bottom of the cake to make it look more finished and adding a decorative touch. I then tinted the buttercream grey (using a little black food coloring) and piped "happy birthday jacob" on it. 

The cake turned out so cute and my friend really enjoyed it...Jacob enjoyed destroying it too!

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