Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 clover cookies

For St. Patty's Day I wanted to make these cute clover cookies I saw on Martha Stewart's website. I'm usually more of a shortbread than a sugar cookie fan, but I thought I'd give this recipe a try.  Plus, I haven't made sugar cookies in a really long time. I used the template from the website. However, since I couldn't just use paper to put on the cookies, I used a plastic disposal lid (had one laying around from a costco calzone container) to cut out the clover shapes. They worked out really well because the lip of the lid provided a nice handle to easily lift the stencil off the cookie.  Also, it's great because I can wash them and save them for next year!  I used a scalloped 3.5" circle cookie cutter to add a little decorative touch. My mother-in-law helped me sprinkle all the clovers on the cookies. (Thanks mom!)

I was suprised how well the clovers came out on the cookie and how little the sugar actually melted once baked.  After we baked them all up I packaged a few up in a clear cellophane bag and put a nice green bow on it for my Uncle's birthday. As for the rest of them...let's just say a leprechaun is a big fan of these cookies.

Happy Birthday Uncle Clay!